User profile

For setup user profile:

  1. Click in above menu Service the link Properties
  2. Then fill your parameters:
    • Login - unique login name
    • e-Mail - e-Mail address. Will be used for messages of service and recovery of password
    • Name - Name
    • Family - Surname
    • Company - the name of your company
    • Address - post address yours or your company
    • Phone - contact information
    • Title - Short information about your company
    • Description - Information about your company and what you do. This text displayed on a web page Information
    • Slingshot Access Key - this key from Slingshot to exchange data with Raven field equipment. See the next video How to get a Slingshot API key ?
    • Access to the John Deere - the parameter used to exchange data with John Deere field equipment
    • Do you want to accept news via your e-mail ?
    • Do you want to accept private messages via your email ?
  3. Finally click on the button Save to save edited parameters.