Agro reports

Automatic hectare calculation for all machinery and land fund of the company in real time


Agricultural companies use a complex method of calculating the cultivated area

Manual or semi-automatic calculation processing area
Filling in and clarifying the results in MS Excel
Copy processed values from table to 1С

leads to loss

1calculation time

2data accuracy



Required to connect to the system PreAgri

The algorithm will do everything automatically, the operator will only need to confirm the work

Unique system features:

1Integration with the transport monitoring system Wialon

2Fully automatic detection of the work beginning and end in the field

3Calculation of hectares that do not allow exceeding the field size

4Flexible settings for maximum calculation accuracy

5Ability to integrate with

6Reports in Telegram

Time-tested algorithm

Automatic distribution of reports

Generating reports without user intervention


1Maximum automation

2Quick connection

3Calculation accuracy

Do you want to increase the accuracy and processing speed?




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