Precision agriculture

PreAgri is an online service for spatial data collection and analysis of agricultural enterprises

Planning and control field works

PreAgri supports data exchange with field equipment of Raven and John Deere in automatic mode, allows you to make prescription maps for field equipment, determine the actual cost of the brought material, evaluate the quality of completed field works on the map, print reports and export data.

Land Bank

Spatial data collection and analysis of agricultural enterprises

Land bank

collecting all the available spatial data

import data from field equipment

yield analysis

overlay samples agrochemical survey

forming equipment jobs

Field maps

Online maps of yield, fertilizer, seeding and agrochemical examination

import data obtained during the harvest

create yield maps for selected parameters

mapping of fertilizers and crop yield

calculation of area and number of seeds

monitoring of overlays and passes

Maps of sowing, fertilizer and yield

Maps of sowing, fertilizer and yield

Service allows you to import data, create and update objects online using a Web Editor.

support for raster and vector layers

online configuring display settings

automatic forming of tiles

mapping of agrochemical survey

Online Editor for spatial data

Map of agrochemical survey

GPS navigation with video

Connecting GPS trackers and GPS data import. Display map routes together with video.

GPS navigation with video

connecting GPS trackers on TCP and HTTP protocols

moving objects in real time

import data in CSV, GPX and KML formats

photo-fixing spots on video

technology Node.js


Our company develops, installs and supports agricultural companies geoportals

Agro Geoportal

development of geoportals for agricultural companies

assistance in the implementation of precision farming

automation of agricultural processes

integration with existing solutions

Web Server Setup and support

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